Arunachala - Hill of Wisdom

As one of the world’s top spiritual destination , Arunachala mountain evokes huge respect from a large number of tourists and spiritual seekers worldwide. From extremely antiquated times Arunachala mountain has been called by different other names,such as Arunagiri, Annamalai Hill, Arunachalam, Arunai, Sonagiri and Sonachalam.But the most famous and broadly acknowledged name for the mountain is Arunachala and it is here that Lord Shiva himself lives on earth as Arunachala Hill and favors each living being that comes looking for salvation and looking for the reality of “oneself”. The importance for Arunachala is – “Aruna” signifies red and splendid fire which connotes Agni ( one of the five components ) which consumes one’s inner self and gives shrewdness and edifies the spirit. “Achala” connotes the mountain. Consequently, Aruna – Achala consolidated is “Arunachala” signifies ‘Hill of Wisdom’ or Hill of Jnana – Hill Of Enlightenment. 

Arunachala Hill

Truth Behind Arunachala’s manifestation

As indicated by the Arunachala Puran taken from numerous texts of the Vedas and puranas related with Arunachala mountain, they depict that a duel happened between Brahma and Vishnu , over who among them was the prevalent god. According to the Vedas there are 5 Divine functionalities otherwise called ‘Panchakritya karmas’ or Panchakritya karmas’ and they are – 

  1. Srishti or Creation would be performed by Brahma

  2. Sthithi or assurance would be performed by Vishnu
  3. Laya or obliteration would be performed by Rudra 

  4. the fourth undertaking, viz. Tirobhav will be performed by Mahesa (After annihilation a great many spirits will be ensured which is disguise and restoration) 

  5. Sadha Shiva will give ‘Anugraha'(Providing Salvation) which is at last the main undertaking of Anugraha that is restrictive allotment without anyone else.( Note – In this story Rudra the destroyer or Mahesa accountable for Tirubhav are not involved ) In this force of their personality fight both Brahma and Vishnu failed to remember their due duties and in that egoistic nature failed to remember the heavenly and incomparable force of the supreme and were overpowered in their conscience regarding who among them was higher and amazing. 

Source of Light - You are the beginning and the middle and the end of everything.

Almighty Shiva in a way to teach them a lesson,offered to mediate their dissension and make them wake up announced that, “The one among you, who discovers either the start or the finish of this light of mine will be thought of, presently and everlastingly, the prevalent of both of you.”  

Lord Shiva revealed himself

Saying this Lord Shiva turned into a flaring light ( some say the light was in a Lingam structure – additionally called sthanu or Lingodbhavamurti ) and tested the two of them by requesting them to arrive at the source from the light either from the top end or the bottom end.

Both Brahma and Vishnu loaded up with ego were certain they could discover the source of the light and consequently Lord Brahma appeared as a swan and went upwards while Lord Vishnu changed his form to a boar (likewise called Varaha) and went under the earth to discover the source of the light. Both searched for many days and however neither could discover the end of the light. It was then that Vishnu conceded his disappointment and went to Lord Shiva in applause and supplication: “You are Self-information. You are OM. You are the start and the center and the finish of everything. You are everything and enlighten everything.”

Shiva manifested himself as Arunachala Hill on earth to bless everyone

On the other hand Brahma in his search became depleted and confused with his hunt to discover the end source of the searing light. Brahma happened to meet  Ketaki flower (screw pine – pandanus odoratissimus) and since he couldn’t track down the source of the blazing light, chose to take the bloom back to Vishnu as an proof that he had reached and discovered the source of the light. Joined by Ketaki, Brahma faced Vishnu and declared that he had to be sure found the beginning of the infinite light. This angered Lord Shiva and  the focal piece of the searing light split open and Lord Shiva uncovered himself in his full wonder. 

After hearing this falsehood, Lord Shiva announced that hereafter Lord Brahma could never be revered in any sanctuary, and the Ketaki bloom( screw pine-pandanus odoratissimus) would not be utilized in any prayer. 

Upon the solicitation of the divine beings, Vishnu and Brahma, Shiva showed himself as Arunachala Hill on earth to favor every individual who looks for the reality of the incomparable “self”. It is said that Lord Shiva originally appeared as a section of light and afterward appeared as Arunachala Hill. 

In Skanda Puran, Lord Shiva pronounces, “I genuinely withstand here on earth as this mountain named Aruncahala, for giving the accomplishment of freedom ( enlightenment)”.  “All Jivas live, move and have their being in Me. I’m idle in you similarly as fire in wood, ghee in milk, etc. You can’t see such inertness with the guide of your faculties or by gaining either from books or from researchers. Be that as it may, you can know me simply by ruminating over me alone. I’m presently here as the Arunachala moutain and furthermore as the Lingam. 

'Incomparable Flame'

“The moon gets its light from the sun and similarly any remaining blessed spots will hereafter get their sacredness from Arunachala. This is the solitary spot where I have taken this structure to serve those individuals who want to venerate me and acquire enlightenment. Arunachala is Omkara-swarupa or AUM itself. I will show up on the highest point of this mountian each year on Karthikai Deepam day. The individuals who see that fire and reflect on it will understand the ‘Incomparable Flame’ or the ‘Radiant Self’ in themselves.” 

Arunachala hill - Tiruvannamalai

In this story, Lord Vishnu addresses the astuteness and Lord Brahma the inner self, while ,Lord Shiva is Atma, the soul. Ego and intellect realize the futility of knowing Atman because the latter is beyond the senses and transcends both ego and intellect. The ego and intellect therefore surrender themselves completely to the Atman and obtain illumination (Self-knowledge).This alludes not exclusively to the holiness of Arunachala itself yet additionally to the pre-prominence of the regulation of Advaita and the way of Self-enquiry of which Arunachala is the center. One can comprehend this significance in Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s colloquialism “In the end everybody should come to Arunachala.” 

Arunachala is older than the Himalayas

From the above inferences, it is clear that the holy hill of Arunachala is older than the Himalayas (mount Everest or Kailash) and hence the oldest natural shrine in the world. And so, Manickavasagar one of the ancient 63 Tamil saints hails Lord Arunachala as “older than the oldest” and “later than the latest”.

Arunachala is the physical embodiment of Sat, the reality and hence to have contact with it in any manner is Satsang. Ramana Maharishi used to say that the benefits which can be gained by meditation and various other forms of mind-control only after great struggle and effort will be effortlessly gained by those who go round the Hill and that the power of Arunachala is such that even if one does Pradakshina / Parikrama / Girivalam (perform circumambulation of the 14 km pathway around Arunachala) with no faith, it will still have its effect and surely purify the mind.

Arunachala is the Fire of Knowledge

The Arunachala mountain is an overwhelming milestone with a height of 2634 feet. Geologists guarantee the stones of the mountain are nearly just about as old as Earth itself. Like blossoms draw in honey bees, Arunachala has been drawing spiritualists, aces, yogis, truth searchers and edified creatures from days of yore. The proof accumulated from land escavation made in Tiruvannamalai during the 1970’s uncovers the development of the charnockite and related collections of rocks more seasoned than 300-350 million years. The world’s well known mountain ranges like the Alps, the Rockies, the Andes, the Himalayan and Appalachian reaches contain high tops at extremely high heights, yet geo-sequentially they don’t go under the Archaeon time frame and they have a place with more youthful ages. The commotion of the Himalayas was not a constant cycle but rather occurred in four stages. Himalayan reaches are under 50 million years of age, though the disturbance was in a single stage for the heavenly slope of Arunachala and 300 – 350 million years of age. 

As per a topographical investigation of the Continents, it appeared to be that the mainlands were before a gigantic mass of land, part of an antiquated very landmass Pangea. In course of time this tremendous mass of land separated into pieces which started to float, shaping the current mainlands. Certain mainlands ( South America and Africa, Africa and India with Madagascar in the middle; India and Australia; and Antarctica) presently far separated appear to fit together whenever joined. An investigation of places of attractive posts estimated from rocks in two of the mainlands moreover showed relative development between the two landmasses. Additionally the geographical constructions and arrangement of rocks especially charnockite appear to consummately fit as one single mass when these landmasses are assembled. The dissemination of certain verdure having a place with Gondwana Land – supercontinent Pangaea, which is the combination of the developments of mainlands around 350 million years prior. 

The part of land from Tiruvannamalai towards Villupuram contains different phases of migmatisation of charnockite (of Tiruvannamalai it is 2.55 billion years) and the related individuals finishing in the arrangement of Gingee pluton (2.5 billion years). The proof accumulated from topographical examinations made in Tiruvannamalai during the 1970’s illuminates the development of the charnockite and related arrays of rocks more established than 3000-3500 million years. The stone arrangement in this segment as clarified during the time spent migmatisation of charnockite and related rocks in stages finished in the evolvement of Gingee Pluton comprising of rock creation. 

This rough mass of stone might be traced all the way back to the most punctual age of the historical backdrop of our planet’s outside, that age which since a long time ago went before the huge sedimentary developments where fossil records of plants and creatures have been saved. It existed some time before the immense saurians of the pre-memorable world moved their gawky structures through the primitive woodland that covered our initial earth. It was contemporaneous with the development of the actual hull of earth itself. 

From the above inductions, unmistakably the heavenly mountain of Arunachala is more older and heavenly  than the Himalayas (mount Everest or Kailash) and thus the most established regular place of worship on the planet. Thus, Manickavasagar one of the old 63 Tamil holy people hails Lord Arunachala as ” “older than the oldest” and “later than the latest”.

Arunachala Mahatmyam says –

Arunachala hill is the actual epitome of Sat, the truth and thus to have contact with it in any way is Satsang. Ramana Maharishi used to say that the advantages which can be acquired by contemplation and different types of brain control solely after extraordinary battle and exertion will be easily acquired by the individuals who go round the Hill and that the force of Arunachala is with the end goal that regardless of whether one does Pradakshina/Parikrama/Girivalam (perform circumambulation of the 14 km pathway around Arunachala) with no faith, it will still have its effect and surely purify the mind.

Because Arunachala is the Fire of Knowledge (Jnana Agni) in the form of a Hill, the out-going tendencies (vasanas) of the mind are automatically scorched when one goes round it. When damp wood is brought close to a fire, it will gradually be dried, and at a certain point it will itself catch fire. Similarly, when the mind which is soaked with worldly tendencies goes round the Hill, the tendencies will gradually dry up and at a certain point the mind will become fit to be burnt by the fire of jnana. Ramana Maharishi said “This Hill is the storehouse of all spiritual power. Going round Arunachala benefits you in all ways” This is the importance of doing pradakshina / Girivalam /circumambulation around Arunachala mountain.

Arunachala Mahatmyam says –

“By seeing Chidambaram, by being born in Tiruvarur, by dying in Kasi, or by merely thinking of Arunachala, one will surely attain Liberation.”

Another verse in the Arunachala Mahatmyam, translated from Sanskrit into Tamil by Sri Ramana Maharshi says – “Arunachala is truly the holiest place. Of all holy places, it is the most sacred! Know that it is the heart of the world. It is truly Siva himself! It is his heart-abode, a secret kshetra. In that place the Lord ever abides in the hill of light named Arunachala


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