Revisiting Traditional Handicrafts of Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai has a rich history of art and crafts. These were not masterpieces, rather the substance of day by day life in Tiruvannamalai.

Ever wonder what imagination the Bedouins and individuals of Tiruvannamalai clans of the past were doing?! Here are a few artworks you should think about when buying handicrafts in Tiruvannamalai handicrafts


From Tiruvannamalai handicraft clothing improvements to tents, the Tiruvannamalai natives of the past weaved everything! The noticeable plan in Bedouin weaving is the longitudinal stripes in plain weaves. The Tiruvannamalai handicraft Project in Tiruvannamalai is presently an industry in itself which sells conventional weavings as well as ensembles. Window ornaments, saddle packs, covers, cushions, garments and sacks were likewise weaved by the Bedouins.


While men would decorate their rides or blades, ladies enhanced themselves with gems. Tiruvannmalai ladies would wear arm groups, anklets, studs, nose rings and even belts and head adornments. These were likewise viewed as the indications of a lady’s status and riches. Coins and silver belts are likewise a typical theme in customary Indian adornments. Typically 3 or 5 chains would dangle from the belt. Geometric shapes and pictorial images like bows and shapes are regular themes. Vivid gems and glass were likewise generally utilized in adornments.

Dresses and ensembles

Customary Indian ensembles are typically embellishing and in blends of dark and burgundy. Other basic hues incorporate dim green and violet. Metal dabs would be utilized for weaving and a few ladies’ inborn dresses additionally had coins and chimes on them. Point by point lead beading work is utilized in Tiruvannamalai handicrafts. Metal strings and geometric plans with wide sleeves are additionally normal structure components.


Palm fiber from palm leaf and grass cutting edges would be utilized to make roundabout mats and containers. The most enhancing crates are found in Tiruvannamalai handicrafts. Star and crisscross examples are regular in containers utilized for capacity.

Endowment Baskets

Most usually found in Tiruvannamalai area, these bushels would be utilized by ladies to convey their settlement. These would be carried on the head, with the littler bushel on top.

Wooden dishes and spoons.

The Bedouins utilized these for stews and spread. Shallow dishes with a ‘lip’ would be made to pour fluids like milk.


Ceramics would be utilized for the capacity of food. An opening would be dove in the ground to keep the pot. The basic technique for making these was wheel tossing.


Scales are made in Tiruvannamalai handicrafts. An ornamental wooden stick would convey two bins for estimation.

Entryways and Windows

In the event that you’ve been to the recorded temple area, at that point you have just observed what customary entryways and windows resemble. They are typically painted with geometric examples and are produced using level wood boards.

  1. Espresso Bean Bags

Clothing drawstrings on weaved material or altogether cowhide are two significant sorts of espresso bean packs.

Espresso Boxes

These were single wood boxes with an open end. They were utilized for chilling off the espresso beans before the granulating procedure. Studs and steel rings frequently adorned the cases which were at times additionally utilized for putting away flavors.

Incense burners

These are as yet utilized today in most Tiruvannamalai homes. Prior it was made of wood with the shallow part shrouded in lead and improved with metal. They would likewise contain reflect plans on the sides. Incense burners were produced using mud in certain areas.

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