Tiruvannamalai handicrafts help tiruvannamalai craftsmen sell handicrafts online

In the male-overwhelmed weaving of handicrafts in Tiruvannamalai, Iti stands apart as an uncommon lady handicraft weaver. “There are such a large number of requests that I have forgotten about deals which is over Rs. 10 lakhs,” says Urmila, an Tiruvannamalai handicraft weaver from Tiruvannamalai (a one of a kind hindu spiritual town in Tamil nadu where the whole villa is occupied with Tiruvannamalai handicraft weaving).

Both the handicrafts belong to Tiruvannamalai Handicrafts. I have not known about such happy stories from the Tiruvanamalai handicraft segment even in the pre-Covid time. An exemplary instance of ‘Give man a fish and you feed him for a day; show a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Several associations, for example Tiruvannamalai handicrafts are helping craftsmen in the Covid emergency.

The method of working is basic. The items made by the Tiruvannamalai craftsmans are set available to be purchased on the site, Facebook page or WhatsApp. The purchaser puts in the request and pays ahead of time against the guarantee that the items will be transported when the lockdown is lifted. The cash is moved straight into the craftmen’ bank record. The associations go about as a facilitator, guaranteeing that the purchaser will have a smooth encounter and not be cheated. The craftsmen get working cash-flow to make more items. They need not do trouble deal. For the purchaser it is cash all around spent — helping a craftsman, obviously with a sweet markdown tossed in.

Litmus test

Leela Kurian, Head of Tiruvannamalai Crafts,says, “We started working in 2018 out of three groups, and now in six. Tiruvannamalai handicrafts is a charitable foundation and our work is planned for supporting craftsmen, helping them associate with business sectors legitimately with no delegate. We had prepared the craftspersons to utilize computerized stages for sharing normal item refreshes over WhatsApp and email with purchasers and for online installments. With the lockdown, our ground group had moved out. For us, it was a litmus test to check whether the preparation and the foundation done by us was working. It has. Since we propelled Tiruvannamalai handicraft Covid Campaign, Artisan Entrepreneurs have scored up deals of over Rs. 50 lakhs in a month through the Tiruvannamalai handicrafts site.”

For the craftsmen in Tiruvannamalai this immediate collaboration with the market has given them a thought regarding the pattern.Rukumani of Adi Annamalai, near Tiruvannamalai has a place with Tiruvannamalai handicrafts and is a specialist at the backstrap loom. She says, “I sold stoles and wraps, however my pad spreads and sprinters have done well indeed. Particularly those in conventional plans.” Most weavers have tried different things with new structures. Rukumani has made a quilt on the limited loom. “I joined five segments of 18 crawls to make a cover of 90-inch width. I have made lovely backpacks which will be accessible online soon,” she includes.

The fervor is tied in with connecting through another medium without leaving the bounds of one’s home. Tiruvannamalai handicrafts clarifies: “Our model is to empower B2B associate of craftsman business visionaries however with request scratch-offs due to Covid, B2C was considered to help exchange the stocks as a momentary advance. With accomplishment in that area, we are presently taking a gander at a customisation choice, where purchasers can give their own structures to the weaver business people. Craftsman business people would custom be able to make new plans due to the structure instruction that they have gotten over the most recent two years.”

Meena,the marketing head at Tiruvannamalia handicraft and who has been related with the artworks of Tiruvannamalai for more than two decades says, “The handicraft associations of Tiruvannamalai — are currently creating methodologies separately and together as Tiruvannamalai Craft Collective for work post-Lockdown. Things will change. Additionally all the gatherings and numerous craftsmen have unsold stocks , liquidation of which is a need. We invite business visionaries, architects and people to get them. The installment ahead of time will prove to be useful for the skilled workers.”

Tiruvannamalai handicrafts has begun a comparable endeavor however for a littler scope on Facebook. Mantra, part, Managing Committee, says, “We have worked with our group of craftspersons on an individual level, however this online strategy is new for the two of us. We have begun a Facebook page, where an expert is advanced ordinary. Tiruvannamalai handicraft Items can be purchased legitimately. Our attention on materials will start one week from now.”

Will craftsman strengthening with direct purchaser contact introduce another first light for the high quality handicraft industry in Tiruvannamalai? The truth will surface eventually.

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