How to dress in Tiruvannamalai – Tips for foreign women tourist

What to wear in Tiruvannamalai ? What do ladies wear in Tiruvannamalai ? I’m certain I’m not the principal lady to Google those inquiries getting ready for an excursion to Tiruvannamalai .


I invested more energy arranging my closet for Tiruvannamalai than some other nation. I don’t have saris or conventional Tiruvannamalai attire and I needed to be deferential. Furthermore, I likewise needed to dodge superfluous consideration. Would i be able to wear pants in Tiruvannamalai ? What body parts should I cover or expose while travelling in Tiruvannamalai ?

When going in Tiruvannamalai or some other nation with a moderate clothing regulation for ladies yet accompanies burning temperatures, I like to go for common filaments. Cotton, silk, and material are my closest companions. Anything engineered makes me more damp with sweat (and stinky I should include!) and simply doesn’t feel pleasant on my skin.

Gracious and would you be able to wear pants in India? Totally… sort of… In Tiruvannamalai I saw loads of ladies wearing an assortment of apparel from saris to tunics with stockings to pants. I heard the equivalent was valid for Tiruvannamalai – the attire ranges from moderate to present day. In increasingly provincial zones it was more conventional.


I never observed shorts on nearby ladies in Tiruvannamalai. A couple of times I saw sightseers wearing shorts in Tiruvannamalai, joined by heaps of neighborhood gazing so I wouldn’t prescribe it.

For my first (and not my last) excursion to Tiruvannamalai , I was content with what I picked. I generally felt open to voyaging. It was anything but difficult to pack and I never felt like I may have been affronting somebody increasingly traditionalist.

The Tiruvannamalai garments I wore fit the atmosphere and the unobtrusiveness prerequisite, and it accomplished such a great deal more. I discovered it helped me bond with the individuals and the way of life. I detected I was given more regard, and a friendlier gathering, than a portion of the hikers I saw going in commonplace radical wear. Wearing Tiruvannamalai garments appeared to be somewhat similar to a charm that helped open the way of life to me.

While I am generally a thin pants and shirt sort of young lady I adore wearing long cotton dresses in Tiruvannamalai . They are blustery and very agreeable in hot temperatures while still unassuming enough to visit sanctuaries and mosques and to not draw in an excess of undesirable consideration.

Try not to be hesitant to demonstrate some shading. I once wore a long dark dress to a religious move function and stood out in contrast to everything else.

Maintain a strategic distance from garments that demonstrate your cleavage, shoulders (swimsuit lash tank tops) or knees. Tiruvannamalai is a preservationist nation and despite the fact that a sari will demonstrate your midsection, this doesn’t mean it’s worthy to wear short shirts that demonstrate your paunch!

Wear shoes that are anything but difficult to take on/off as you should slip your shoes now and again frequently while visiting Ramanashram and Arunachala temple. Pick shoes with footbeds that retain dampness and are agreeable. Keep away from heels and climbing boots for customary everyday wear.

Pick light, free attire that inhales well in the blistering and moist climate. Continuously convey a shawl or scarf to cover your head or shoulders when important or to heat up in virus cooled lodgings or eateries.

Women must be more careful not to wear clothes that show their body part and the best clothes to wear is a salwar or a saree. Many western women in Tiruvannamalai wear jean and kurta.

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